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Lulus ||  Banana Republic || Nordstrom

Since I just started my job, I’ve been looking for ways to bring my aesthetic into the working world. Luckily, my job dress code really only requires me to dress business casual. Because of this, I’ve been searching for all different colors to add to the neutrals already in my wardrobe.

This summer, my sights have been set on bright colors to make it feel like summer in the office. I’m drawn to light yellows, red oranges, and turquoises. And with this season’s recent releases, I thankfully haven’t had too much difficulty to add these colors to my ensembles.

I’m also new to office wear and while some of my clothing fits the conservative look, I also have started to branch out and add more of these pieces I wouldn’t normally buy. I already shop at Banana Republic, J Crew, and The Loft, but by checking out different areas of the store, I’ve been able to find cute, affordable pieces to add to my work outfit rotation.

I already bought the yellow skirt from Lulus and I’ll be sure to post what I pair it with for my outfit. What’s great about this is that it’s easy to go from day to night with this piece switching from a button-down and flats to a crop top and wedges in an instant.

What are your favorite pieces to wear to work? Do you have a business professional or a business casual dress code at work? What stores are your favorite places to buy cute, versatile outfits?

Until next time – stay curious!



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