Color My World with Sunshine Yellow


Outfit: skirt (here), top (similar || similar || similar), sandals (here)

I finally got my Lulu’s order in and I couldn’t wait to wear this new skirt to work!

This light yellow color not only brought a ray of sunshine into the office, but also helped show off my fading tan I’m so proud of. This color is also easy to pair with grays, whites, and blues. I’m not a huge fan of black with yellow because of the bumblebee look, but I wore a soft, oversized navy sweater with this outfit in my over air conditioned work setting.

This skirt also features scallops, which you’ll be soon to learn, I am obsessed with. Every thing with this type of cut I always grab at. It’s also a pencil skirt and on someone taller than my petite height, it would cut a little higher above the knee. The fabric also has a cool texture in it, which leaves the skirt with a bit of something extra.

This outfit would also be cute with natural wooden wedges or strappy, silver sandals. Jewelry also is important to dress up this outfit if need be. I chose to stick with silver and added earrings and a few bracelets. I would love to try out this outfit with a huge, chunky statement necklace or unique abalone shell earrings.

In my opinion, this skirt is also very versatile. Instead of merely being an office option, it would be cute to wear to meet a boy out for drinks after work or even to a fun backyard barbecue. Instead of going for the slightly more conservative option with a blouse, this outfit would look with a striped crop top, a crochet knit top, or a peplum cami.

How would you wear this Lulu’s skirt and where would you wear would you wear it to?

Until then – stay curious!



2 thoughts on “Color My World with Sunshine Yellow

  1. beautiful! i love how cheerful and bright the yellow is 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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