she was an american girl, raised on promises.

Happy Fourth of July weekend, everyone! I hope you all had tons of fun with family and friends, barbecuing, day drinking, and staying safe.

IMG_1804 4

My Fourth of July was celebrated right where the Pilgrims themselves landed – Plymouth! During the day, I went to a local beach in Manomet. It was a bit chilly, but my friends and I made the most of it. The sun did peak through for a bit to say hello! Later, I went to a backyard BBQ with my family and were able to see the fireworks from the backyard of the beach house and hung out on their private beach. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun this fourth of July weekend! I wore a cute American flag sweater I got at Forever 21 and  pair of destroyed white jeans. I also love these cute looks to celebrate American independence.FullSizeRender-1 2

An outtake from my OOTD post this week! This cute dress is currently ON SALE at Lulu’s and you get 40% off all sale items by entering the code FIREWORK40. Don’t be surprised if I end up making a few purchases there tonight!

FullSizeRender 4

The Third of July is also a huge holiday in my area. It’s basically a pre-extension to the Fourth of July. I went for a super 90’s grudge look by pairing a Banana Republic white tank, Madewell destroyed shorts (similar), and a thrift store red, white, and blue flannel (similar). I paired it with fun gold jewelry. The beach near my house had huge bonfires, amazing fireworks, good friends, yummy food, and great conversation. What more could you ask for?

FullSizeRender-2 2

Sometimes, I think I’m funny. One of my favorite things to make (and eat!) is buffalo chicken dip. I made HUGE batches of this dip for all of the parties I had to go to this weekend. It’s very easy and I always get tons of compliments on my dip. What’s your go to recipe to make a fun appetizer?

 FullSizeRender-4 3

Zoe snuggles are the best snuggles. And after an exhausting weekend of fun, this is one of my favorite things to do. How do you like to catch up and relax?


I’m still trying to figure out what to bring to work for lunch on a daily basis. This week I got creative and used leftover steak from dinner to make a portable burrito bowl. I layered rice, black beans, sour cream, steak, cheese, hot sauce, and salsa to make this delicious meal.

FullSizeRender-6 2

My friends and I also made a fun patriotic cake this weekend. We took a vanilla cake mix and made our own funfetti version with red and blue sprinkles. We smeared some cool whip across the top and decked it out in strawberries and blueberries. Yummy, fun, and easy!


I’m not a huge fan of working out, but I love to go on walks. I’ve taken Zoe on TWO 5 mile walks in the last few days and not only has it built up my tan, but I love being out in the sun. I think I’ve exhausted my poor puppy though!

What did you do for your Fourth of July? Was the weather nicer for all of you?

Until next time – stay curious!



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