trend: TASSELS

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A trend I’m really loving right now that is all over the stores I shop at is: tassels. I think it really gives an a cute, summer day vibe to an outfit. I just recently ordered mint tassel earrings from Lulus and I’ll be sure to post an outfit featuring the earrings once I wear them.

One of my favorite ways to wear this trend is as a cute beach dress. A bunch of my favorite fashion bloggers have been sporting these on their summer vacations and I would love to snag myself one. This one would look great with this cobalt bikini and some flip flops. What’s great about this is the versatility. even though it’s a beach cover up, the tassels give it a fun little pizazz to wear out.

I’m IN LOVE with these heels and they’re also currently 50% off. These would look cute for office wear with a pencil skirt or a fun night out in a two-piece dress.

What’s really cool is that a lot of great designers are getting into this trend as well. I love this Tory Burch purse that features tassels. I’ve always been a huge fan of over the shoulder bags and love this rendition of the trend.

I’ll be getting my pretty tassel earrings soon, but I’d love to know – how would you guys sport this fun summer trend?

Until next time, stay curious!!



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