TRAVELER IN: Nice & Paris, France

Hi everyone!

So I apologize that I haven’t been around in the last few weeks and that’s because i was doing a bit of traveling. For my graduation present, my mom took me to Paris, Nice, and Monaco and we had so much fun!

IMG_2120 9

While we were in Paris, my mom and I signed up for a tour to do the Eiffel Tower. It took us to the second floor and we got to learn about the inside scoop on the piece of architecture. I never knew that they repainted the Eiffel Tower every so often and apparently, they are now taking votes for the newest color. Who is interested in Holy Cross Purple?

IMG_2080 3

The night we arrived in Paris, my mom and I got very very lost. We somehow ended up at the Arc de Triomph a.k.a. about two miles from our hotel. Sometimes, you just gotta go on the adventures though!

IMG_2123 3

My mom is not the best picture taker as you can tell!! A bit off at touching the tip of the Louvre. Not going to be funny here, but I louvre the Louvre. I’m a huge fan of art and I loved checking out what they had to offer. I have to say though it was a bit too crowded for my liking and I was much more intrigued with the Orsay down the street. Definitely check out the Orsay – it’s full of impressionism paintings and is in a remodeled train station!

IMG_2104 11

I’m a huge cappuccino person, so every morning, I always needed one as a pick me up with a croissant or two. Angelina’s is very famous and their cappuccinos were my favorite.

IMG_2043 3

Our first few days in France were spent in Nice, which was absolutely gorgeous. It was very very HUMID, but we walked everywhere in this small city. The beaches were also made of pebbles, which was cool to look at. Definitely not used to beaches without the sand though!

IMG_2103 9 IMG_2090

One of my favorite things we did was a wine lunch at O Chateau in Paris. At first, my mom and I had considered going to Champagne to a real vineyard, but I think I had just as much fun doing this. We tried two whites, two reds, and champagnes. Each were paired with a cheese and there were sides of baguettes and charcuterie. If you know me, this is literally my dream. Everything was so delicious and surprisingly enough, I think I actually learned a few things about wine.


The Seine River and all of it’s pretty bridges were some of my favorite parts of the city. A few of them even still have locks on them! I wanted to do a river boat dinner a la Regina Lambert in Charade (my favorite movie), but we ended up settling for going to a riverside cafe instead.

IMG_2109 9

I fell in mud to take this picture. No seriously. I slipped and fell. My butt was covered in mud for the rest of the day. I guess you can say it was worth it.


We only spent a night in Monaco, but it was definitely an experience! 1 out of 3 people in Monaco are millionaires, so seeing the people and the way they dressed/acted/presented themselves was a treat to take in. Hopefully I was dressed well enough for the Monte Carloans.

IMG_2063 2

I love grilled octopus. Judge me. This was my favorite thing I ate in Paris and all it was was chopped grilled octopus, lemon, olive oil, and herbs. So, so good.

IMG_2106 11

The night we decided to climb the Arc there was the most gorgeous sunset that I was lucky enough to capture while walking the Champs de Elysee.


My mom and I had such a great time and I’m so happy we got to go abroad again together. The last time we took a trip together was eight years ago to Italy. This will definitely be one to remember!

Until next time – stay curious!



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