TRAVELER IN: Martha’s Vineyard

Hello all!

As I addressed before – sorry for the brief hiatus! With the amount of work I’ve had and the plans/vacations I’ve made, I didn’t have time to update as frequently as I would have liked to the last few weeks. That will change though hopefully!

Two weekends ago, I got to go to Martha’s Vineyard with a few of my college friends. The Vineyard isn’t too far from my house – hour drive, 40 minute ferry and it was so worth it to see everyone! What was fun about this visit is we got to stay in Aquinnah, which is the less touristy area of the island. It was so quiet and relaxing and I wish my toes were still all up in that Menemsha sand.

IMG_2016 2

These two girls are going to be my full time roommates soon. We’re moving in together to a big girl apartment within the next month! Couldn’t ask for much better people to live with.

IMG_2011 5

Martha’s Vineyard is famous for their gingerbread houses. I have to say I’m a huge fan. I love all of the cookie cutter trims and the brightly mismatched colors lining the streets of Oak Bluffs.

IMG_2002 5

“I love doors.” Yes, this is legit what I said before taking the picture. This door color actually reminds me of my house door. It’s located in a cute fishing village on the island called Menemsha. We got some fried clams and fries here and the fried clams were hands down the best I’ve ever had.

IMG_1958 5

This picture is totally crooked, but I can’t seem to find the better quality one. I DIGRESS. This was the view from my friend and I’s room we shared and this was the view from a majority of the rooms in the house. There was also a huge wrap around porch you could see the water from.

IMG_1994 3

Look at that blue, still water. What I loved about this weekend getaway was how calm and relaxing it was.

I have to say I had tons of fun in the Vineyard and I definitely got a very dark tan. What are your favorite places to go on weekend getaways?

Until next time – stay curious!



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