What’s In My Bag? : Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

Hello, hello!

I’m sure some of you enjoyed the Lilly sale the last few days. And this year (just like the last few years), I bought way way too much. I really only buy Lilly during the sale, so that’s how I justify the spending in my head. This year, I also started my first real job and as of Monday, I am officially leasing an apartment in Cambridge (!!!) so I decided I deserved a little something extra for all of my big girl moves.

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I love showing off my shoulders during the summer and this fun summer print in the Wiley Ruffle Tube Top will be a great transfer into the fall. Although it is a bit more of a nautical print with the shells, this could be toned down with a cute navy blazer and gold jewelry for work. I also can’t wait to show it off next summer after a day at the beach!

I also went a bit crazy with the lace dresses this year I must say. I know I’ll need a nice Lilly next spring for my baby brother’s high school graduation, so I’m hoping one of these two fit the bill. I love the hemline of the Beth Spaghetti Lace Slip Dress and knew I had to have it with it’s pretty rose detailing. I also chose the Avalon Spaghetti Strap Lace Dress, which will look cute well into the fall because of it’s navy pattern. I can’t wait to try these on and let you all know how they fit!

My mom actually bought a pair of the Linen Beach Pants, which have a cute pink and green elephant print. It will look great after a long day in the Cape. I’m sure I’ll borrow them from her a few times!

This pattern is my absolute favorite from the summer season and will look so cute with white jeans. When I saw the Annabelle Top in Capri Pink Samba at the store, I practically swooned. I’m so happy I was able to pick it up in the summer sale.

What did you guys score at the sale? Anything good? I, for one, am glad their were no site breakdowns this year.

Until next time – stay curious!



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