Now it’s too late for you and your white horse to come around.

Hey, what’s up, hello!

How’s everyone’s week been? I can’t believe people are starting to go back to school this upcoming week. This is very very very depressing for me because this is my first year as a college grad. I’d do just about anything to be starting my senior year at Holy Cross though. The weather here has been so iffy with thunderstorms, fog, and even sun showers, so hopefully everyone else in other parts of the world had better weather as the summer comes to a close. What’s your favorite thing you did this summer?


I gotta say – look at my bae. I know, I know, don’t worry I’m joking. But seriously, I love Fenway so much I had to go back again before the season is over. Travis Shaw is definitely a great addition to the Sox in my opinion and I still have a not so tiny crush on him.


Mojitos, mojitos, mojitos. These things are hands down my favorite drink and very easy to make. Just crush the mint and berries together to kinda mix the flavors in and then add rum, a little, sugar, and soda water. So so good. This is my go-to drink to order if provided on the menu. These were perfect for watching Bachelor in Paradise with my mom,


This might be one of our more awkward family photos, but I love our family dinners together.This one was to celebrate my upcoming birthday (Tuesday, I’ll be 23!) and my brother going back to Cornell for his junior year. We won’t be all together again until October and I know I’m really going to miss these guys.


My last Parisian macaroon! Of course, I had to pair it with my Lilly wine glass full of Pinot Grigio. If only it was Sancerre from France…

IMG_2206 FullSizeRender-6

And My Lilly purchases have begun to arrive!! I’m in love with the pink color of the Samba top and it fits perfectly. It looks very cute with the skirt that I wrote a post about last week. The blue and green lace dress is very cute on and it fit me perfectly. It’ll look great with a navy blazer for work or to a business conference in the spring. I’m not sure about the white rose lace dress. I LOVE the hemline, but I feel like it’s similar to a dress I already have and it’s a bit snug in the booty area. I might keep, I might sell, who knows. It is a beautiful dress though. The rest of my goodies should be coming in this week!

FullSizeRender-3 IMG_2189

This weekend, I went out in the Plymouth area to a bar called Waterfront. I went for a very very fall look, but with the weather this weekend, I couldn’t help myself. This top is one of the comfiest things I own, so I couldn’t resist. I finally got to wear my wine colored jeans from The Loft and they looked great with my Sam Edelman sandals and Kate Spade crossbody (similar). We had so much fun, even though we got stuck in a downpour of rain on the porch. It was definitely something to laugh about!


And my bralette obsession continues. I mean how cute is this outfit?! Unfortunately, not something I could wear to work, so I couldn’t justify it. I do really want the lavender colored one to add a little something something to my basics.


I love selfies and I love you. Hahaha, no but really. Just me trying to model. This top was only $12 at Banana Republic. Everything in their sale IN STORES is currently 50% off, so it’s definitely worth checking out!

So as I mentioned before, my birthday is on Tuesday. I’m going to be 23. Wait…what’s my age again? Sorry, had to pull the Blink 182 card. Hopefully, I’ll figure out birthday plans eventually, but I’m the worst planner. What do you like to do on your birthday?

Until next time – stay curious!



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