I’m stuck between crop tops and button downs, between skater skirts and colored chinos, between a different stud in every ear and diamond earrings. I can’t decide if I want to try (and fail!) to rap along with Nicki Minaj, drive in a Jeep with my windows down blasting Luke Bryan, or listen to every acoustic version of every song as it rains outside. Am I the person who never wants to wear makeup and leaves their hair wavy or the person who gets up at the crack of dawn to make sure they’re perfectly coiffed and flawless? Do I want people to see me as the All American girl next door who’s going to marry young and have the picturesque, J. Crew magazine family or to see me as the tough, unapproachable girl who lives in layers of shells that can’t seem to be broken? The thing is – I can be any of them. Any day, any time, I can change my mind in a nanosecond and be someone completely new. That’s the extraordinary thing about life – you get to be who YOU want to be. That’s your choice and what you make of it. So seize it, capture it, flaunt it and never let anyone tell you otherwise.


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