Standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset, babe.

Ni hao, my loves!

I haven’t been up to too much this week since I have a very busy week next week, so unfortunately I don’t have too too many things to talk to you all about. I’ve been a bit on the tired side, which in turn, makes me feel a little sick and just all around not great. Thankfully, my Labor Day Weekend will give me time to recoup and spend time with my family. Did you have any fun plans for the long weekend?


This morning, my mom and I made some homemade french toast and I forgot how much I loved it. Carbohydrate overload, but so yummy. I like mine drizzled lightly with a bit of syrup or with some fresh berries and powdered sugar. So delicious and so simple!


My brother and his girlfriend have been fostering kittens and I probably get fifty pictures/videos/snapchats of these precious little things on the daily. What’s great about this is giving the kitten a temporary home until it’s ready to be adopted. You get to feed it and love it and play with it and then once it’s older, it can be adopted into a good home. They’re always telling me crazy kitten stories too – these guys can get a bit crazy!


The beginnings of my new OFFICE! My boss and I went out on Friday to buy a few things and it’s certainly starting to get somewhere. Of course we grabbed a bottle of wine along the way! I’m still trying to figure out how to make it more cozy – any ideas? I’m bringing in some photos on Tuesday for her to look at.

Screenshot 2015-09-06 19.24.07

I also went out on a date on Saturday and had so much fun. I love the North End, so when I found out we were going to Trattoria Il Panino, I was definitely excited. Raviolis are one of my favorite food, so that and my glass of wine were gone in seconds. I haven’t gotten to go to the North End all summer and it’s one of my favorite areas of the city, so I loved the surprise. A cannoli at Mike’s Pastry definitely put a great end to the night.

I’ve said this every week, but now it’s finally true – summer is over. Sad sad sad. Summer is my favorite season, but I must say New England has the most gorgeous autumns. I have much to look forward to this next week too – moving into my new apartment and going to a concert!

How are you kicking off your fall?

Until next time – stay curious!!



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