trend: FAUX FUR

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Now that it’s near the end of October, I have officially deemed it appropriate to break out the fur! In my opinion, this isn’t a trend because I’ve loved (and worn) faux fur for so long. I think it can really dress up that outfit – turn a simple sweater into something chic.

I love love love fur vests. Forever 21 has a lot that are on the cheaper side and they still look very trendy and sleek. This one would look edgy and sophisticated with a dark wool turtleneck, leather leggings, and a pendent necklace. Pair it with some heels and you’re set for the night!

This beanie is such a cute look and a great addition to a fun autumn or even winter outfit. I love going for a chic-hipster look whenever I wear beanies and because of this, I always find myself reaching for the nearest comfy, oversized flannel. Throw it on over a causal white v-neck and a slouchy pair of distressed boyfriend jeans. Pair it with some cool slip-on sneakers and roll up the flannel’s sleeves to show off a statement cuff.

Another look that’s been all over the runway is the parka. And what better way to try try it out, then with a faux fur collar? This look would be really cute with some merlot wine jeans and a white scalloped top. To draw attention to open the sleeves, a cool snake ring adds a nice touch. I love how booties look with a cuffed skinny jean and these would really bring the outfit together.

I can’t wait to snag myself a cool statement fur jacket to wear on a special night out in the city. How do you guys pull off the faux fur look?

Until next time – stay curious!



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