Ballin’ On a Budget: Office Decor Style

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I’m a young professional now (at least that’s what I tell myself), so being in the real world also means getting your very own space to do work. An office space is made up of a little bit of you, a lot of organization, and a dash of workaholic. Whether you’ve got your own cubicle, work from home, or have your own office looking out over the city (ya lucky duck!), this space is your space and it’s your job to make it a relaxing, comforting getaway from the buzz of the work environment.

If you’re like me and fresh into the world, you’ve more than likely got a budget. Believe me, I know how hard that gets. With an eye for everything and a shopaholic tick, I have a hard time maneuvering through the day without sighting a possible purchase.

If you’re working in an office, you’re provided with a desk. If you’re like me and work from home 60% of the time, you got to find yourself one of these bad boys.

For a while, I thought it was suitable to stay in my pajamas and do work from the comfort of my bed all day. In my honest opinion, this is not a logical plan because you will end up re-falling asleep and not finish the work that needs to be done. Luckily, my boss gave me her old desk, which I now have in my own little nook of the apartment.


[ White Buckingham Writing Desk ]

I really like this desk because of the storage spaces it supplies and as of now, Target is doing a sale on home decor. Wayfair also has more affordable furniture and although I’ve never bought something from them, they have a variety of very cute, inexpensive desks to browse through on their website. My favorite one is this espresso colored one. This one also would be nice because of the additional drawer space, that would give you the ability to hide your clutter.


[ Bristol Task Chair ]

Once, you get the desk set, then you need a chair. Eventually, I want to buy a cool decorative chair for my office nook. I love this cool spotted chair, but it doesn’t match the rest of the apartment and also (of course!) doesn’t fit my budget. I also love the idea of this gorgeous emerald velvet chair, but also not something I can invest in right now. For now, I’m stuck with the hand me down, broken office chair that was left behind in my apartment. It’ll do for now, but I’m still on the prowl for that perfect piece.


[ Desk Accessories Set ]

What comes next with an office desk? Organization, duh! How else do you keep on task? By buying cute office accessories of course! A great place to buy your latest gear is Dormify. They even have collections you can buy as a package for your office space. My favorite one has to be the Mod Goddess Desk Collection, which also just so happens to be kate spade. So cute, so chic, so clean!


[ Stratford Mug ]

Every single morning I have to rise and shine for the dime, I need a cup of coffee. And what better way to start your day, then with a cute mug of a hot brew? I love Ashley Brooke Designs for coffee mugs and this one is currently my favorite. Which flirty phrase do you like best for yourself?


[ Threshold Hammered Tray ]

Desks are always going to be cluttered, even if you’re Hermione Granger. It happens to the best of us. These nesting boxes give you an excuse to be fashionably late due to perfectionist organization skills. This earthy, wooden tray set also would help separate the “TBD” and the “DONE” with a cool rustic aesthetic.


[ Similar ]

And how could I forget wall space? One of my favorite parts of decorating. This scalloped pinboard creates quite a statement and allows notes, photos, and canvas to be attached to it for reminders and memories. This could also be your chance to interpret the infamous, lusted after gallery wall, bedazzled with knick knacks and photos. Another thing that would look great here is a weekly calendar board, which you can fill up with both your work to do list and personal goals. I also love the aesthetic of the four sectioned cork board look. This type of wall decor is called a Style Tile by PB Teen. The dry erase calendar, two patterned bulletin boards, and a mirror is the look I like best. For my personal office nook, I’m going to put a canvas that will be revealed later, but inspired by Evelyn Henson.

What’s also great about office space is that it’s a lot like your study space for college or high school. I never was a huge library studier, so working from home has been an easy adjustment for me and I’m already beginning to love the time to myself.

How do you dress up your office space? I firmly believe that this space should be a happy, stress-free place for you.

Because #GirlBoss.

Until next time, guys – stay curious!



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