I’m Feelin’ Myself: November Pinterest Finds

Hello, hello!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend. The New England autumn we’ve had so far has been beyond nice and I can’t help but hope it stays this way. (But being realistic I know this can’t be good for winter.) My boyfriend’s birthday was this weekend, along with a fun WIB Conference at Holy Cross. What fun shenanigans did you get yourself into this weekend?

Thought I’d share some of my latest Pinterest finds because why the hell not?

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 6.14.01 PM

Buffalo Chicken Crescent Ring

Look at dat bad boy. I love anything buffalo chicken, so with the blue cheese crumbles, I couldn’t ask for much more. I love making my buffalo chicken dip for parties, but this might be the recipe I try out next. What’s your favorite go-to party appetizer?


Gorgeous Tidy Tips and Hacks

What I love about this article is that it’s not all of the standard tricks. These are to help your place look aesthetically pleasing, while be craftily tidy at the same time. Rolling carts are a very cool, trendy item to have now and they also give a great kick into organization mode. The look of these tea boxes as magnets is also really unique and gives you the ability to show off different types of tea you like, making it personal and edgy all in one.


The House that Photographed Itself

Hand painted ceilings, white washed brick, incredible lighting, barn doors… What more could a girl ask for with this rustic masterpiece?


Etsy: PlantandColor

Because you can always use a cool planter for your desk. This one is really different with it’s jellyfish like vibes. This one is cool, but I definitely prefer the elephants with floating plants. Definitely check out this store for any type of animal planter you could imagine!


Swoonworthy Rings

Gimme the girl who doesn’t love looking at engagement rings and I’ll call her a liar. I’ve always preferred art-deco vintage rings, but some of these are gorgeous. Which is your favorite?

What are some of your favorite things for the month of November?


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