It’s in your eyes. Those crystal, tall-drink-of-water blue eyes that discover every crevice of my soul, that break me into a million pieces only to make me whole, that whisper all the words I don’t need to hear.
It’s in your laugh. That hearty, roll your eyes, “you’re such a joke, but I love you anyways,” laugh that makes me want to be the reason for your happiness, that makes me feel not so alone in the world anymore.
It’s in your kiss. That heated, sinful, yet tender kiss that makes me shiver and sweat all at once, that leaves my bones aching for more, that ensures me all I need is right in front of me.
It’s in your embrace. That ‘how can I get closer”, legs wrapped around my waist embrace that shows you I am truly “yours” and in turn, you will forever be “mine”.
It’s in you. Not just the parts, but the whole you that leaves me irreversibly addicted to, unequivocally in love with, continually satisfied with every moment you give me.


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