YOU HAD ME AT: Primark

tumblr_nul70vmvoV1rdeyr1o1_500.jpg    tumblr_nvpvijhMHt1r7cv7so1_1280.jpg

Primark is a magical place.

This place is like the British version of Forever 21 on steroids.

If you’re ballin’ on a budget like me and love keeping up on the trends, you must check out Primark if you’re in the Boston area. Or lucky enough to see one abroad!

Investment Coats6213 copy.jpg

The jackets are so beautiful and literally line the front of the store. So cute paired with some classy leather gloves and a houndstooth scarf. There’s also a HUGE selection of shoes, which are all around $20 and under. Prices are cheaper than Forever 21 and in my opinion, the clothes are better quality.


Everything is so chic and trendy and the cutest outfits can be made out of all of the latest fashions. I’ll definitely have to hit up Primark before the holidays and let you know what some of my finds are.

I’ve been there once before and picked up a warm boucle white turtleneck that is so cozy. It looks so cute with a pair of red skinnies (similar) and some cute booties (similar) to finish the look. I also found a to-die-for plaid reversible poncho that was ONLY $18. Everything is such a steal there, I swear. I love wearing this sweater poncho with leather leggings and suede, lace-up booties.

Have you all had any great finds at your local Primark?





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