“Suds & Skin”



Rolling over onto her side, Lily could hear the voice, but instead she followed sleep’s orders and chose to ignore it.

“Lil… Baby… we need to get up,” she heard more clearly this time, distinguishing the voice as Oliver’s. She peeked at him, by opening one eye. His hand was resting on hers and his free fingers lightly caressed her cheek.

Earlier that week, Oliver told Lily he and a few of his friends from high school were going to meet up at his friend Adam’s house in Southampton. At the last minute, he had told Lily she was invited to come along. At first, she had been hesitant, not wanting to intrude on boys’ night and also feared they wouldn’t approve of her. Lily’s worries melted away though as soon as Adam cracked a joke about her being too pretty for Oliver. Being around them was easier than she had expected. Adam and Oliver’s other friend, Peter taught Lily how to properly throw a ping pong ball for beer pong and Oliver made all of the boys turn away as Lily stripped to join the skinny dip in the jacuzzi. All four of them had talked for hours into the night until Lily and Oliver fell victim to sleep in Adam’s parents’ bed as they watched the sunrise together. But now at eight o’clock in the morning with only a few hours of rest, all she really wanted to do was sleep off the beer belly she could already feel protruding and never leave the fort of blankets she’d created with Oliver.

“Lily,” Oliver sighed, clearly becoming agitated at her lack of response. He got up and walked over to the windows, letting the sunlight flood into the room.

“No,” she groaned, flipping over onto her stomach and letting the feathery pillow and its darkness envelope her.

“Lily, I swear, if you don’t get up, I’m going to…” she heard Oliver’s response, his voice wavering with a lack of threat.

“You’ll what?” Lilly teased coyly, still refusing to move. All of the sudden, she felt his weight on her back and his fingers grazed her sides, reaching under her arms. Not able to control it, she burst into laughter and rolled over, trying her hardest to push him away. “Stop! Stop! I’m up,” she huffed out between her laughter, as he trapped her hands and pinned them above her head.

“I win,” he retorted smoothly, one eyebrow raised. He held onto her hands, so she could balance as she shimmied up to kiss his chin.

“Shut up,” she rolled her eyes, trying to suppress a giggle.

“Make me,” Oliver smirked playfully, biting his lip. Lily pushed him off of her and instead, climbed on top of him and cupped his face with her hands, kissing him lightly along his jawline. Lying her head down on his chest, she felt the vibration of his heartbeat caressing her cheek as it began to lull her back to sleep.

Pushing the temptation of it away, she sat up and rolled away from him towards the edge of the bed, sighing, “I really need to shower.”

Oliver grabbed a hunk of Lily’s hair, pressing it to his nose and inhaled with exaggeration, “Yeah, shit, Lil, you stink.”

“Ow, that hurts. My hair is connected to my head, you know,” she replied, trying not to laugh as she scooched back towards him.

“Yeah, yeah, you’re fine. I need to shower too. Suppose we don’t have enough time though,” he loosened his grip, combing his fingers through the ends of her tresses.

“You can shower,” she offered, her voice softening as she returned to snuggling into his chest for warmth. Her eyes shut, giving into the pleasure of his touch.

He tucked her hair behind her ear, brushing his calloused fingertips along the shell of her ear and then leaned into kiss her earlobe, he whispered, “We can together.”

Her eyes flew open at the suggestion. On one hand, the idea did sound rather tempting. But then again, this wasn’t her house, her bathroom, her shower, her anything. But the lingering no seemed to erase itself as his fingers began to trace over her collarbone.

“C’mon,” he murmured a bit louder this time, his nails making their way down her arm towards her hand. He tugged on her wrist gently to stir her awake from the endless supply of blankets.

Lily sat up watching him as Oliver rolled out of bed, admiring his broad shoulders as he stretched his arms above his head. She rubbed the sleep away from her eyes and flopped back down onto the pillow. He turned to her, pulling one side of his boxer’s waist band down and exposing his hipbone and skin. “You coming or what, Lil?” he asked his lip curling into his half-smile and cocking his head to the side.

She refrained from biting her lip, when taking in the image before her. Lily knew Oliver realized what he was doing was getting to her and his sexy smirk told her his true intentions. “Be there in a minute,” she replied, trying to play it cool and turning away from him, so she didn’t lose control and pounce on him.

She listened to his feet pad into the bathroom and the start of the running water from the shower head. Beginning to count slowly to twenty in her head, she flopped over onto her other side anxiously. Skipping from twelve to twenty, she pulled the blankets aside, leaving her warm cocoon and pulled her arms to her chest, shivering as the cold air hit her.

Lily walked into the bathroom, spotting Oliver’s discarded boxer briefs next to the shower. Watching the steam swirl out from behind the shower curtain, she shivered, envying the warmth of the water. She slipped Oliver’s navy Villanova lacrosse shirt over her head and shimmied her polka dotted, lace trimmed underwear down her legs, kicking them aside to join his shirt and the boxers on the floor.

“Lil, get your ass in here,” Oliver broke the silence, his voice reverberating off the tiled floor.

Crossing her arms over her chest, Lily suddenly became aware of her nakedness. Peeping behind the light pink shower curtain, she watched Oliver shake out his dark hair like a dog, splattering the wall with soapy droplets. His hands soaped down the carved muscles of each arm as he rinsed off the residue. Turning around, Oliver’s brown sugar eyes lit up as he crooked his finger at her, beckoning her towards him. She pushed the drape aside more, dipping one of her big toes into the water and relishing the warmth. Stepping fully into the bath, she wrapped her arms around herself once more, looking at the ground.

Sure, Oliver had seen her naked before. But this, this was different. She felt exposed as if nothing was hiding her now, as if all of her barriers had come down and he was truly seeing her naked for the first time. As water pooled around her feet and she took in the boy standing before her, she found herself feeling vulnerable, something she had felt around other boys, but never with him.

“Hey,” Oliver murmured, tilting her chin up with his hand. He kissed the skin his fingers left behind and Lily’s hands fell to her side, as she melted into his touch. He rested his chin on the top of her head and placed his arms on her side. All of the sudden, he pushed her under the shower’s spray with a laugh, “Your turn.”

Lily squealed as the burning water showered down on her, shoving Oliver lightly away. He pulled her towards him, melding his body into hers. He kissed her, her arms wrapping around his neck and pulling him closer towards her. Oliver pulled away, touching his nose to hers and staring at her momentarily as if he wanted to say something. A wary smile faltered on Lily’s face as she tried to read him.

“You know… You’re beautiful, Lil,” he blushed, stumbling over his words as a bead of water pooled on the tip of his nose.

She leaned forward, catching the tear with a kiss before it could fall. Batting her eyelashes, she smiled, “You know you’re not half bad yourself.”

Oliver laughed, his fingers trailing down her sides to her hips. Turning away, he picked up a shampoo bottle from the floor of the tub and popped the cap off, squirting an excessive amount into his hand.

“Ol, how much hair do you think I have?” she laughed, gesturing to his hand overflowing with shampoo.

“Oh, this?” he asked, his face straight and grabbing some with his free hand, “This is for your face!” He leaned forward and wiped the shampoo on her cheek. She yelped at the cool touch, smearing it on her face as she tried to get it off.

“That’s not fair,” she tried not to laugh, as she backed away from him.

“Come back,” he fake pouted, reaching out and touching her arm, “Trust me.”

Trust me. Lily hardly ever trusted anyone. Ever since her dad had walked out on her family, Lily had a difficult time giving it out to any person. She barely knew Oliver and even though they had only been joking moments before, there was something that really stuck with her in his voice at that moment. It was as if he were the one who was now exposed, letting his guard down and in turn, welcoming her in.

“I do,” Lily breathed out, leaning into him. Her eyes widened as she soaked in the revelation to not only him, but herself.  Oliver brushed the bottom of her hair with his palms, smoothing the shampoo into each strand. He worked his way up into her scalp, massaging the coconut fragrance into her scalp. He tilted her head back and she closed her eyes, as she felt the water and shampoo swirl onto her skin. Soaping up his hands, he traced the suds along her shoulders and down to her bellybutton. Making her turn around, he trailed the soap along her shoulders and then down, her spine. She felt the warmth of a smattering of his kisses along her shoulder and sighed with a small smile, trying to ignore the feeling of bubbly champagne it evoked in her chest.

He kissed his way up her neck, his tongue darting out and running along her earlobe. Reaching around her, he twisted the knob and shut off the water. Spinning her around, their lips met messily, as they delved into one another’s mouth. His hands found her hips, as he pulled her aggressively towards him, their naked skin colliding. Her lips kissed away each water droplet that clung to his chest. He groaned as her teeth grazed his collarbone. Picking her up, he wrapped her legs around his waist, making sure their lips never left one another’s. He propped her against the wall, his free hand migrating down her side and between her legs. A moan escaped from her lips at his touch, her nails raking down his back as her hips bucked towards him.

Leaning into her, Oliver lightly bit one of her rosy nipples before taking it into his mouth. Lily arched her body into his and in response, he buried his face into her neck as he staggered out a “Lily”. Knowingly, she nodded, her hands returning to his hair. Pulling away, their eyes locked and he groaned as he thrust fully inside of her. Feeling all of him inside of her, she let out a gasp as her eyes flew open, dragging her fingers down his chest. He held her close to him, as if he were cradling her, as she rocked her hips with his.

Her upper thighs were pink as her breathing staggered, swirling her hips to meet his movements. As he plunged deep into her once more, her eyes flew open as a loud moan of Oliver escaped from her lips, as she clenched around him. Riding her wave of ecstasy, Oliver leaned forward, biting her shoulder and leaving a mark as he emptied into her.

Trailing her fingers gently down his back, Lily leaned into him kissing along his red, sweat beaded skin as she waited for his breathing to even. Still inside of her, Oliver tipped her chin up towards him, caressing the soft skin underneath. His lips brushed against hers lightly, as he unwound her legs from around him. Seeing the bruise he’d left on her, he kissed his finger and pressed them lightly against it. She flinched at the touch, but softened as she leaned into him.

Oliver pulled the shower curtain aside and offered a gray fluffy towel to Lily, which she quickly wrapped herself in. After drying himself off, he enveloped her in his towel with him, pulling her close towards him to nestle her head on his chest. He looked down at her with a smile, which seemed to falter momentarily.

“Lil, what I was trying to say earlier was…” he began, stopping for a second to stare into her eyes again. “Was thank you for coming with me here. You, know meeting my friends and stuff. You didn’t have to.”

“I didn’t mind,” Lily replied, standing on her toes to reach up and stroke his cheek, “Actually, I wanted to.  I like seeing where you come from.”

Pausing momentarily, he stared back at her. Sometimes it was difficult for Lily to read what Oliver was thinking and the ambiguity of the silence scared her. Brushing her damp hair out of her face, he kissed her forehead and her favorite smirk slowly began to return.

“So, you trust me?” he asked, shifting the focus to her and off of himself. A blush crept onto her cheeks and this silence was different, as she nodded her head with a small smile and buried her face into his chest.

Massaging her temples as he held her to his heart, Oliver bent forward kissing the top of her head. “I promise you won’t regret it,” he murmured into her hair.


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