I’m Feelin’ Myself: December Pinterest Finds

Aloha, chiquitas!

I hope you are all welcoming December and the holidays into your home with open arms – I know I am. I’ve had Michael Buble’s Christmas album on repeat the last week and I must say – can’t stop, won’t stop. I have so much planned in the next short weeks to spread all of the holiday cheer I can. How are you welcoming in the winter season?

But enough about me and more about the latest on Pinterest!


Lilly Monogram Ornaments ]

How cute are these for your own personal tree in your first big girl apartment? I’m waiting to decorate my family tree once I head home, but for those of you with limited holiday time, how cute is this to kick it up a notch in decorating? They also have basically every Lilly pattern known to mankind, so you can’t go wrong! This would also be a cute gift for your roommate or favorite niece!


31 Things to Do Before December 31st ]

Because shouldn’t you make every day count? While I love to snuggle on a cold winter day, you also have to make the most of December. Already have glittered painted toes, so that’s a start right? What are you planning to do before December 31st?


Happiness in a Warm Buzz ]

No one ever says no to a little holiday buzz, especially one that will warm you all of the way from your lips to your toes. The Peppermint Patty sounds a lot like a drink I tried this morning, but hot! Definitely couldn’t say no to a dose of that!


[ Zircon Cocktail Ring ]

Because what better way to celebrate December than with the birthstone? I love rings and this pretty blue zircon definitely would catch anyone’s eyes! Cocktail rings are a great way to dress up any drab outfit.


18 Easy Slow Cooker Snacks That Will Feed A Crowd ]

When it’s cold outside, what is better than a nice, hot meal? These are not only delicious, but easy. What’s great about slow cookers is how low maintenance they are. You can get started on your December list, while your dinner cooks and makes your home smell wonderful.


Christmas Gallery Wall Printables ]

These prints would look very chic with gold frames. I love typography in gallery walls and these would be such a cute addition as a holiday decoration.

What are some of your favorites for the month of December?


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