Shopping for Labels, Shopping For Love: Christmas Shopping 2015

Shopping for yourself is more than easy. You always know what you want. Or you’ll find something that catches your eye when you should be looking for someone else. Nothing’s wrong with treating yourself.

But when Christmas rolls around, you blank on every perfect thing you’ve seen in the last year for gifts. Plus, you don’t want to break the bank because of all of the gifts you’ll be buying for others. (and yourself!) Look no further – I’ve got you.

Screenshot 2015-12-15 13.24.49.png


Tassel Wine Charm Set ]

How cute are these? Baublebar always has some of the cutest accessories and now they have accessories for wine?! These are great for year round, even though you’ll definitely be pulling them out for your New Year’s champagne toast. Your mom will love these for every day and every party and all of her friends will love them as well.

Screenshot 2015-12-15 13.20.26.png


Monogram Cheese Board & Spreader ]

Because you’ll be going to all of those holiday parties, you’ll need a hostess gift of two. And how perfect is this? As of now, it’s 20% off too! Get this with the family name initial and a cheese or two to eat at the festivity!

Screenshot 2015-12-15 13.18.50.png


J. Crew Leather Billfold Wallet ]

Boys are always so difficult to shop for, but who doesn’t need a beautiful new leather wallet? Get it monogrammed and make it personal. J. Crew is currently doing 30% off with the code ‘GETGIFTS’. What’s cute about the wallets is that you can slip things in the pockets like a gift card to their favorite restaurant or a cute picture of the two of you.



Giant Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Apple ]

This gift is great for your boss, your family, really anyone. Any of Williams Sonoma’s Giant Apples are delicious and are a huge crowd hit for everyone.

Screenshot 2015-12-15 13.29.50.png

Screenshot 2015-12-15 13.30.45.png

Knot Cufflinks ]

For the business man father who has to dress up in suits, snag him a pair of cufflinks. Make him stylish!

Screenshot 2015-12-15 13.11.32.png


Three Piece Oven Mitt Set ]

These are so cute. I love the color of these. While I almost suggest buying two of these for a larger kitchen, these really do dress up the atmosphere. Kate Spade did good with her kitchen decor.

Screenshot 2015-12-15 13.09.40.png


Dog Bowtie Collar ]

Because how could you forget about the one who loves you unconditionally? Dress up your dog (SUBTLY, PEOPLE!!) when you have your family over for Christmas and I’m sure they’ll comment on how cute their bowtie is.

While Christmas is a time for presents, it’s also a time for togetherness, so I hope you all spend your Christmas with loved ones and are thankful for the year that has past.

Who are you shopping for this Christmas? What fun Christmas presents have you given?

Until next time – stay curious!



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