TREND: navy & black

For the longest time, I’d turn my nose up at the meshing of these two neutrals. I thought it looked tacky, lazy, and just plain weird.

I didn’t even like wearing my navy vest with black leggings for fear of clashing.

But little did I know, with the mixing of the right textures, this trend can look really fabulous.


If you’re an avid follow of mine, you already know how into leather I am. Obsessed. And this cool snakeskin skirt – to die for. If you don’t think you can pull this off, I still love the look of a chunky navy knit sweater and a pair of leather leggings. Top it off with these suede laceups and you’re ready to head out for the night!


Even cool and casual can work with navy and black. Layering of these hues can be a look to die for. Try out the reverse! Top off a black turtleneck with this chic boucle navy coat.


What I love about this trend is the funness, the versatility, the fabrics! This mesh of lace and silk is simply stunning. Take this one step further for your upcoming holiday celebration! Slip into this swirly, twirly tulle skirt and faux leather crop top and no one will take their eyes off of you!

How do you plan on wearing this daring duo of an ensemble?

Until next time – stay curious!




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