A Blessing and A Lesson



The countdown begins and the feeling sinks in, as every minute of every twelve months, every 365 days flies in moments, cherishable and regrettable, but how these seconds were spent nonetheless.


Change. It’s what everyone thinks about as this second ticks by. What can I do differently? How can I give myself more? What lessons have I learned? How can I change?


I resolve to be better. I resolve to be happier, healthier, wiser. I’ll work on the flaws, untie the knots, patch up the wholes, find the successes and rid the burdens. But as the year goes by, how long will you stick to this effort to make change happen? How can you change your resolutions into habits?


Take a sip of the champagne, let that bubbliness take over. The fizzy coolness will break down the nay-says, the negatives and instead, lift your spirits, spilling over with positivity and possibility.


Feel light, get lost in the moment. Know that this is your chance to make that change, take that leap.


With each second that passes, let the fears and anxieties melt away.


This is it. The chance to start every thing you cast aside before – but this time, don’t give up.


Nothing can stop you in these meaningless, meaningful seconds.You got this.


And as the last second fades, make your wish count.


It’s a new chance, make the most of it.


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