Here’s to 2015.


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I’m so grateful for everything that has come my way this year. I’ve learned a lot and began my journey as an adult. These were my top nine Instagrams of 2015 – what are your favorites? Here’s a bit of background on each.

  1. Miami, Florida – This is wear my roommates and I headed for spring break this year. I could use a bit of that warmth right now as we get hit with winter weather. We had so much fun, a little too much to drink, and a whole lot of sun!
  2. Holy Cross Graduation – I’ll never forget this day, even though it feels like a distant memory and it never really happened. I still miss school so much, but I’m eternally grateful for every experience Holy Cross gave me.
  3. Nice, France – One of my favorite vacations ever with my very best friend, my Mom. Nice is so much more than just a place in France and it’s place I’ll never forget.
  4. Trail Walks with Zoe – My dog’s love for me is unconditional. Leaving her behind at my mom’s house whenever I have to go back to Cambridge is one of the hardest things ever. I miss our summer walks, but they’re definitely not over. Just a see you later in 2016!
  5. Newport, Rhode Island – New England is such a small area, so I love taking advantage and going on adventures. This summer, my mom and I explored the streets of Newport on a warm July day. When I saw this dog, I couldn’t resist taking a picture with him – too sweet!
  6. Exploring Harvard – This September, I moved down the street from Harvard Square. Taking walks through the area and Harvard’s campus with my boyfriend was a fun way to get to know my new home.
  7. Dis Guy – Although I’ve known about him for much longer than 2015, my boyfriend has been one of the highlights of my year. I couldn’t ask for more than what he’s given me and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in 2016 – London included!
  8. Being a Foodie – I’ve always loved food, trying the new ones and savoring the old ones. The lighting fixture in Tatte Bakery is especially cool. I can’t wait to treat my taste buds even more in this new year.
  9. Paris, France – One of the most beautiful cities with some of the most unforgettable memories. And still so much I have yet to see! While it won’t be 2016 when I return, my love affair with Paris is far from over.

And 2015 has held so much more than what these nine pictures captured – getting my hair cut ten inches, taking a trip to Chicago with my boyfriend, going down to Martha’s Vineyard with my college friends, Β seeing Taylor Swift on her 1989 tour, and adding two (annoying!) cats to my family, and many, many more.

What are you favorite memories from 2015? How do you plan on making your 2016 one for the books?

Until next time – stay curious!



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