I’m Feelin’ Myself: January Pinterest Finds

Sup, fools?

January is the first of the twelve months and also the end of the holiday season… Which then leads to the winter slump and depression. Try to keep out of that rut by incorporating some new things into your daily routine. And if you’re lucky enough, get the hell out of the cold weather and go somewhere to bask in the warm rays!

Here’s a few fun ways to spice up your January I found on Pinterest this month.


Lemon-Parmesan Angel Hair Pasta with Shrimp ]

Comfort food is the best kept secret to surviving the below freezing weather. With January being the month of healthy resolutions, here’s a healthier take on an alfredo sauce. I will definitely be making this dish for my boyfriend and I very soon.


[ How to Decorate for Winter ]

Although Christmas and the rest of the holiday season are done, it’s nice to keep out some winter decor. This article has some cute little tips on how to keep the wintery season in the home while still keeping warm.

Januari kalender Elske 2015 v

Free Printable Calendars ]

The beginning of a new year means cranking out a new calendar! And how cute are these? And free! How much more could you ask for – balling on a budget AND keeping tabs on your month.


Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal ]

Leaving your toasty bed in the morning can be difficult when starting your day, but this will make it a little bit easier. Cinnamon sticky sweetness in a warm bliss of oatmeal – you’ll be dying to try this to start your day!


[ 30 Days of Gratitude ]

Write a little something you’re thankful every day and then open the bottle to reread each piece of gratitude. This fun little daily activity will make you appreciate the little things even more.

What are your plans to make January not-so-drab?


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