FAST FORWARD TO: warm weather fashion

1712612_280332  BLUE-WX112_V1 _11475663

Two-piece Maxi Dress | One-piece SwimsuitStriped Wedge Sandal ]

I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait to kick this winter in the butt goodbye. And with the Northeast about to get our first winter storm of the season, I am definitely not a happy camper.

So why not pretend that warm weather is much closer than it actually is?

And so begins, my essentials for this coming summer 2016 season:

1.) A bikini (or twelve!) – I’m obsessed with swimsuits. I have way too many and I don’t plan on ever holding back on a nice splurge. I’ve been eyeing the Triangl suits for some time because I love the neoprene look. I think I’m finally give in and get this summer season!

2.) Something lace-up – I’m not a huge fan of this trend just yet, but I think something sheer and flowy could be a great boho vibe for this look. Pair it with some cutoffs and cowboy boots and you’ve got yourself a great outdoor country concert look.

3.) Denim Shorts – Because who doesn’t need a good old pair of raggedy jean shorts? This acid-wash has a great edgy look and would look cute with a vintage band tee or a crop top.

4.) Flowy Dress – So pretty! This light blue is similar to the Pantone Color of the Year and the floral pattern is a great way to welcome the warm weather. I’m also loving this Palm Tree Dress. The flowiness and fun of summer sundresses are one of my favorite parts of dressing up in warm weather.

5.) Sunglasses – Because there’s always an occasion to block out those sun rays. Marble is such a chic pattern right now and I love the cool aesthetic vibe it gives off. These sunglasses would look great relaxing poolside in a black or hot pink bikini.

I can’t wait to not be bundled up in all of these layers and instead, get my tan on.

Until then, guess, I’ll stay curious!



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