I think I’d follow you just about anywhere with warm weather right now. After our first winter storm last weekend, I am so ready for a little bit of sunshine. Definitely not happening any time soon, but a girl can dream can’t she?


If you’re in Bali, one of the main attractions is snorkeling and scuba diving. How can you resist taking a dip and exploring the Big Blue with those crystal clear waters?


Bali also has a great cultural history. Throughout the island, there are temples that were built in order to protect the island from dark forces. This is the Ulun Danu Temple, but there are seven other temples guarding the perimeter of the beautiful island.


And if you’re in Bali, how cool would it be to stay in this bungalow? These private villas would be my dream location to stay in on a trip with private access to the ocean.

While flight tickets to Bali are very expensive (~$1000+ Roundtrip), accommodations and food can be much cheaper because of the exchange rate for the USD. This would be a perfect trip for an anniversary, honeymoon, or even just a special occasion! I know I’d be down to go just about any time with my special someone.

Until next time – stay curious!




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