Ballin’ On A Budget: The Sunroom


Beautiful Sunrooms ]

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” – Winnie the Pooh

Now I know this famous quote usually is directed at a person, but look at this beauty!

If you have a sunroom, I am quite jealous. Growing up my mom always made sure there was a sunroom in all of blueprints she designed. And I was spoiled. And now I miss how the sun really takes over and lights up the whole room.

Someday, someday. But for now, I’m here to help you lucky few!


Snag yourself a hammock for a deep sleep in the indoor sun. A sunroom is perfect for lounging and what better way to do it than this peacefully, lazy way.


Set up a cozy reading nook with a love seat bench near the windows. Throw down some soft faux fur blankets and comfy pillows. Make it the spot in the house to read your latest novel or to admire the outside – snow, rain, or shine!


Keep the furniture light and fresh. Choose a lighter, neutral colored sectional and switch out pillows for fun seasonal accents. This Valentine’s Day themed one and faux fur one would accent the room so well. Wicker accents also give sun rooms a homey touch bringing in the outdoorsy, yet relaxed feeling.

What are your secrets to decorating a sunroom? Hopefully someday I’ll get the chance to decorate my own sunroom again (wink wink).

Until next time – stay curious!



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