I’m Feelin’ Myself: February Pinterest Finds

Looking for a few ways to brighten up your ever dull February? Well, look no further – I got you.


Red Velvet Crepes ]

Make your loved one (or yourself!) these delicious looking crepes! These sweet treats deserve to be enjoyed in a makeshift breakfast in bed.


DIY: Sharpie Mug ]

How cute are these? Make them personal. Write your favorite song lyric or your monogram. Bake them in an oven – and then fill them up with your favorite hot beverage! This makes me need another cup of tea.


[ JibJab Valentine Videos ]

What better way to celebrate Grease Live premiering than making a JibJab parody video of you and your best friend? These videos are hilarious! And a great option for a funny Valentine’s Day card as well.


[ Conversation Heart Decor ]

Because you always need a bit of decorations! Decorate conversation hearts with your family’s names, funny sayings, or whatever you can think of! A great way to make Valentine’s Day a family holiday.


[ Amethyst Birthstone Ring ]

I love amethysts. Probably because I’m obsessed with purple. This beautiful statement piece will make everyone notice you flaunting your birthstone!

What are your plans to make February a month to remember?


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