TRAVELER IN: philadelphia


Philadelphia is such a diverse city with all different types of neighborhoods. I felt like I could turn the corner and be in a  completely different area! I had so much fun exploring the city. Unfortunately, because it was so cold this weekend, more of our time was spent in the car than walking, but I tried to see as much as possible.

IMG_3642 (1)IMG_3613

One of my favorite areas was Society Hill, which just so happens to look a lot like Boston. I loved the old city feel and I can’t wait to return when it’s a bit warmer.

My boyfriend’s alma mater is St Joe’s and it was so cool to see his old stomping grounds. I loved the stone architecture buildings scattering the campus. It gave it a old castle feel to it.


Because I’m a self proclaimed foodie, obviously I have to show off the goods.

My boyfriend lived in Manayunk for a while, so we had dinner in the quaint little neighborhood at Bourbon Blue. These crab cakes were probably some of the best crab cakes I’ve ever had, which is saying something since I’m from New England. Manayunk was also such a cute little area and I loved really seeing all of the neighborhood.

Being in Philadelphia, I obviously needed to try a cheese steak at Delasandro’s. I’ve never been a huge steak person, but I gobbled down this HUGE sandwich in about five minutes. No one believed I could eat the whole thing, but believe me folks, I have quite the appetite!

Because it was Valentine’s Day weekend, we couldn’t skip the Love Statue. Although I uploaded a different picture on my Instagram, this one describes our relationship to a t. If you haven’t seen Dodgeball, you might not get the reference, but I’m definitely a loser for this boy!


And what better way to come home then to my favorite dessert in the whole wide world (a huge cannoli!!!) and a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting at my door.

Couldn’t ask for a better weekend with the best guy even though the arctic winds kicked our butt.

What are you favorite spots in Philadelphia? I’m sure I’ll be taking another trip back in the summer, when the weather is more tolerable!

While I loved traveling the last few weekends, it’ll be nice to spend a weekend at home.

Until next time – stay curious!



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