Ballin’ On A Budget: Minimalism


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If you’re a style-savvy minimalist, you know there’s really nothing better than a sleek, clutter-free home. You’ve edited down your furnishings to the basic shades of black, white, and grey, and you let the philosophy, “less is more” guide every inch of you style–home included.

As everyone is starting their spring cleaning, it’s a great time to start thing about a minimalist look for the home and do it without breaking the bank!


[ Pendant Lighting ]

Not every room can be flooded with natural light, so to really brighten up an area, these pendant lights do the trick. My favorites are these geometric styles Edison Pendant and Diamond Pendant, which stick to the neutral scheme of minimalism, but really open up a room.


[ Oversized Mirror ]

This mirror resting against an open wall will open up a space. The balancing act creates a sense of a bigger space. Push a Classic Mirror against the wall and really begin to believe how much bigger your apartment really is. Make a beautiful space an open space with a Millennium Mirror or a Norfolk Floor Mirror. By giving the room this open, tranquil feel, the minimalist in you will feel right at home.

[ Faux Fur ]

Faux fur is not only minimalist, but it cozies up a room. Throw a Plum & Bow Pillow on a neutral colored couch. Curl up in a chair with a Fox Faux Fur Throw. How great would it feel to walk on a Sheepskin Rug? Pick a sleek, neutral hue for any room!


[ Wall Art ]

While you don’t want to go overboard with the wall art, one nice center piece is great for any room. A Minimal Figure Drawing decorating the wall with a few neutral paintbrush strokes. A Lion Print or a Typography Print would also be a great focal point for a minimalist wall.

The point of having a minimalist space is to create a tranquil, relaxing living space. How do you plan on freeing yourself and cleaning up the clutter in your home?

Until next time – stay curious!


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