TREND: jumpsuits


We’ve had rompers, but now jumpsuits are really coming into style. I was never into rompers, but then once I found the perfect one I LOVED it. Just like a dress, but with shorts? What more could an accident prone girl ask for?

But now, jumpsuits are becoming a thing. And again, I’ve been a naysayer. And again, I’m starting to rethink my hatred for them and start to think they can be cute. I even bought ordered this one recently. I’ll give you some updates once I get it!

Lulu’s Black Jumpsuit | Revolve Hamptons Jumpsuit | Forever 21 Strapless Jumpsuit ]

What I like about the jumpsuit look is it’s perfect for a summer night when you want to dress up a bit more. In New England, it always gets a bit chillier at night and whenever I’m in a dress or a romper, I find myself reaching for a sweater. But this could be the game changer of ruining a perfectly cute outfit. I prefer the solid colors, but I think a neutral pattern looks really chic too.

What’s great about these jumpsuits is all of the versatility they have to offer. Ankle strap heels, d’orsay pumps, gladiator sandals – pick your poison. And of course, come great statement jewelry – silver, gold, or even rose gold!

What’s your take on this developing trend? How would you wear your jumpsuit? I’ll be sure to post about my adventures with the trend.

Until next time – stay curious!



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