HOLIDAZE’d: easter


“He has risen.” – Matthew 28

Easter is a time to celebrate the beginning of spring, the resurrection of Christ, and the togetherness of family. Some celebrate this with a fun family egg hunt provided by the Easter bunny himself! Others will attend mass on the Sunday. A big family dinner is my favorite way to spend this holiday, sharing the love and fun with my favorite people.

I’m here to help you celebrate with a little bit of everything!


[ Lulu’s Maxi Dress ]

Going out to a nice dinner with all of your extended family members? This floor length dress adds just the right amount of formality and the loose, flowy top provides just the right amount of comfort. The lace trend is very popular and with these sandals, it’ll add a bit of chic to your outfit. Top it off with earrings and you’re good to go!


[ Everly White Lace Dress ]

Maybe you’re having a more casual brunch or luncheon at a friend’s house. This gorgeous white dress can be dressed up or dressed down! Throw on some notice-me heels and a pendant necklace and get ready to get your mimosa on!

Image-1-1.jpg[ J.O.A. Mesh Midi Skirt ]

This midi skirt is so versatile and could really be paired with any color combination. On Easter, I’d go with a pastel. This pretty peach top would look so cute tucked into this skirt for a more conservative look. How would you style this cute look?


[ Anthropologie Striped Longe Joggers ]

And of course, you need some fun, comfy pajamas for the Easter morning egg hunt! How cute is this set from Anthropologie? While I’m a t-shirt and boxers bedtime person usually, Easter morning deserves a little more effort in the outfit department.

How do you plan on spending Easter? I can’t wait to help my mom make Easter dinner and participate in our first outdoor tennis tournament of the season!

Until next time – stay curious!



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