Kaitlyn first began blogging for Curiously, Kait in March 2013 through Tumblr as a way to showcase current trends in fresh, creative ways. In June 2015, she expanded her aesthetic realm and now features her fashionable, sassy lifestyle filled with misadventures through her own domain. Kaitlyn was born in Chicago, but she’s lived in all parts of the United States as she searches for all things fabulous – from New York City to Tucson to Pittsburgh. Since a young age, Kaitlyn has always loved writing. Her writing ventures in all realms and because of this, she wants to share it with the world someday by writing a book.

Kaitlyn has created a style that’s entirely her own – pairing the classics with the trendy and edgy, mixing the feminine ruffles  and menswear cuts. Curiously, Kait gives Kaitlyn the chance to communicate about the things she enjoys the most and offer style inspiration and advice along the way.

With a degree in English and a concentration in Creative Writing, Kaitlyn graduated from her dream school, Holy Cross and swears to forever bleed purple. She holds a job in brand management and consults businesses spanning from the East Coast to the West Coast. Her pursuit of happiness, haute, and housewife has led her to Boston, where she resides with her two roommates and playful mutt, Zoe.


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