That Girl

            She’s a cool girl. Scratch that. She’s not just a cool girl, she’s that girl. She’s hot. She’s got these cascades of ebony hair and grey, green eyes. She’s got legs from her ballerina days and people really can’t help but notice her. She’s laidback. She knows how to talk football and shotguns Busch Lite and tells dirty jokes. She goes along with anything … Continue reading That Girl

A Blessing and A Lesson

10… The countdown begins and the feeling sinks in, as every minute of every twelve months, every 365 days flies in moments, cherishable and regrettable, but how these seconds were spent nonetheless. …9 Change. It’s what everyone thinks about as this second ticks by. What can I do differently? How can I give myself more? What lessons have I learned? How can I change? …8 … Continue reading A Blessing and A Lesson

Just in the Beginnings

Lily walked through the door into the cramped dorm room and saw Oliver, sitting on the futon and staring blankly at the television screen. The sportscasters were talking about the highly anticipated Superbowl game and how the Patriots choked in the last hour on a loop. From the look on Oliver’s face, Lily could tell it really wasn’t helping his current situation. “You can sit … Continue reading Just in the Beginnings

“Suds & Skin”

“Lil.” Rolling over onto her side, Lily could hear the voice, but instead she followed sleep’s orders and chose to ignore it. “Lil… Baby… we need to get up,” she heard more clearly this time, distinguishing the voice as Oliver’s. She peeked at him, by opening one eye. His hand was resting on hers and his free fingers lightly caressed her cheek. Earlier that week, … Continue reading “Suds & Skin”


But, Ry, what if they don’t like me?” Caroline worried aloud for the millionth time. She brought her legs to her chest, as she watched the windshield wipers sweep the flurries of snowflake from Ryan’s windshield. “Care, you can’t be serious. I don’t know how many times I need to tell you this. My parents are going to love you. You’re smart and you’re nice. … Continue reading “Stupid”